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The propositions behind 'Cicero is emulated more than Tully' seems to differ somehow from 'Tully is emulated more than Cicero', despite the proper names being rigid designators.


'Cicero' was also known as 'Tully'

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Sentences saying the same with the same rigid designators may still express different propositions


George Bealer (Propositions [1998], 1)

Book Reference

'Philosophy of Logic: an anthology', ed/tr. Jacquette,Dale [Blackwell 2002], p.121

A Reaction

Interesting, because this isn't a directly propositional attitude situation like 'believes', though it depends on such things. Bealer says this is a key modern difficulty with propositions.

Related Idea

Idea 19206 'Cicero is an orator' represents the same situation as 'Tully is an orator', so they are one proposition [Merricks]