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At least since Russell, one has routinely distinguished between the 'is' of predication ('Socrates is wise', Fx), the 'is' of identity ('Morning Star is Evening Star', =), and the 'is' of existence ('the cat is under the bed', Ex).

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There are the 'is' of predication (a function), the 'is' of identity (equals), and the 'is' of existence (quantifier)


Josť A. Benardete (Metaphysics: the logical approach [1989], Ch. 7)

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Benardete,Josť A.: 'Metaphysics: The Logical Approach' [OUP 1989], p.44

A Reaction

This seems horribly nitpicking to many people, but I love it - because it is just true, and it is a truth right at the basis of the confusions in our talk. Analytic philosophy forever! [P.S. 'Tiddles is a cat' - the 'is' membership]