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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 4. Regularities / a. Regularity theory]

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There may be a regularity of siblings looking similar, but the tie that binds them is not their similarity, but rather their being born of the same parents.


'Siblings' are brothers and sisters

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Similar appearance of siblings is a regularity, but shared parents is what links them


Alexander Bird (Philosophy of Science [1998], Ch.1)

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Bird,Alexander: 'Philosophy of Science' [UCL Press 2000], p.49

A Reaction

A nice objection to the regularity view. Regularities, as so often in philosophy (e.g. Idea 1364), may be the evidence or test for a law, rather than the law itself, which requires causal mechanisms, ultimately based (I think) in essences.

Related Idea

Idea 1364 Locke confuses the test for personal identity with the thing itself [Reid on Locke]