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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 4. Regularities / a. Regularity theory]

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We cannot infer a regularity from its instances unless there is something stronger than the regularity itself binding the instances together.

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We can only infer a true regularity if something binds the instances together


Alexander Bird (Philosophy of Science [1998], Ch.1)

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Bird,Alexander: 'Philosophy of Science' [UCL Press 2000], p.49

A Reaction

Spells out the implication of the example in Idea 6748. The reply to this criticism would be that no account can possibly be given of the 'something stronger' than further regularities, at a lower level (e.g. in the physics).

Related Idea

Idea 6748 Similar appearance of siblings is a regularity, but shared parents is what links them [Bird]