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Brody bases sortal essentialism on the notion of a property that an individual must possess throughout its existence if it possesses it at any time in its existence.

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Brody bases sortal essentialism on properties required throughout something's existence


report of Baruch Brody (Identity and Essence [1980]) by Penelope Mackie - How Things Might Have Been 7.1

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Mackie,Penelope: 'How Things Might Have Been' [OUP 2006], p.119

A Reaction

Brody tends to treat categories as properties, which I dislike. How do you assess 'must' here? A person may possess a mole throughout life without it being essential.

Related Idea

Idea 15835 Wiggins's sortal essentialism rests on a thing's principle of individuation [Wiggins, by Mackie,P]