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Chalmers' 'modal rationalist' is one who identifies what is possible with what is conceivable; the central claim of the doctrine is that we have a priori access to modal truth.

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Modal Rationalism: conceivability gives a priori access to modal truths


report of David J.Chalmers (Does Conceivability Entail Possibility? [2002]) by Robert C. Stalnaker - Mere Possibilities 5

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Stalnaker,Robert C.: 'Mere Possibilities' [Princeton 2012], p.129

A Reaction

A helpful clarification, as I can now see how hopelessly and utterly wrong Chalmers is (about almost everything), and I find my confidence in any sort of genuine a priori knowledge (except of conceptual relations) dwindling by the minute.

Related Idea

Idea 13406 A priori knowledge is analytic - the structure of our concepts - and hence unimportant [Papineau]