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[catalogued under 13. Knowledge Criteria / C. External Justification / 6. Contextual Justification / a. Contextualism]

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Maybe contextualists are too quick to appeal to our conflicting intuitions regarding knowledge.

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We shouldn't jump too quickly to a contextualist account of claims to know


Stewart Cohen (Contextualism Defended (and reply) [2005], 1)

Book Reference

'Contemporary Debates in Epistemology (2nd ed)', ed/tr. Steup/Turri/Sosa [Wiley Blackwell 2014], p.79

A Reaction

An important point (from Earl Conee). I thoroughly approve of contextualism, but the whole status of whether a witness or a teacher knows what they are talking about is in danger of collapsing into relativism. This is what peer review is all about.