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Single Idea 18362

[catalogued under 3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 2. Truthmaker Relation]

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That 'there is at least one proposition' a case where something makes itself true, which generates a counterexample to the natural assumption that truth-making is asymmetric; truth-making, it seems, is merely non-symmetric.


'Asymmetric' can't be symmetric; 'non-symmetric' needn't be symmetric

Gist of Idea

Examples show that truth-making is just non-symmetric, not asymmetric


Marian David (Truth-making and Correspondence [2009], 4)

Book Reference

'Truth and Truth-Making', ed/tr. Lowe,E.J./Rami,A. [Acumen 2009], p.153

Related Ideas

Idea 18361 A reflexive relation entails that the relation can't be asymmetric [David]

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