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[catalogued under 23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 2. Elements of Virtue Theory / f. The Mean]

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Contentment [euthumia] comes about for human beings from the moderation of enjoyment and proportion [summetria] in life.

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Contentment comes from moderation and proportion in life


report of Democritus (fragments/reports [c.431 BCE], B191) by John Stobaeus - Anthology 3.1.210

Book Reference

Democritus: 'Early Greek Phil VII: Democritus', ed/tr. Laks,A/Most,G [Harvard Loeb 2016], p.261

A Reaction

This is close to Aristotle's doctrine of the Mean. The majority of ethical ideas attributed to Democritus (presumably by the Epicureans) are thought to be spurious. This idea actually sounds rather stoic.