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In Derrida's later work we find him moving explicitly towards a belief in the undeconstructability of justice, as he puts it, which is an overarching value that cannot be relativised.

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Derrida came to believe in the undeconstructability of justice, which cannot be relativised


report of Jacques Derrida (later work [1980]) by Simon Critchley - Interview with Baggini and Stangroom p.191

Book Reference

Baggini,J/Stangroom,J: 'New British Philosophy' [Routledge 2002], p.191

A Reaction

A nice corrective to the standard Anglo-Saxon assumption that Derrida is an extreme (and stupid) relativist. The notion of 'undeconstructability' is nice, just as Descartes found an idea that resisted the blasts of scepticism.