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[catalogued under 16. Persons / B. Nature of the Self / 3. Self as Non-physical]

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I concluded that I was a substance, of which the whole essence or nature consists in thinking, and which, in order to exist, needs no place and depends on no material thing.

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I am a thinking substance, which doesn't need a place or material support


René Descartes (A Discourse on Method [1637], §4.33)

Book Reference

Descartes,René: 'Discourse on Method/The Meditations', ed/tr. Sutcliffe,F.E. [Penguin 1968], p.54

A Reaction

To me that sounds like "I concluded that I wasn't a human being", which highlights the bizarre wishful thinking that seems to have gripped the human race for the first few thousand years of its serious thinking.

Related Idea

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