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An essential prerequisite for useful discussion of the relation between knowledge and understanding is systematic explicitness about what is to be known or understood.

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To grasp understanding, we should be more explicit about what needs to be known


Dougherty,T/Rysiew,P (Experience First (and reply) [2014], p.25)

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'Contemporary Debates in Epistemology (2nd ed)', ed/tr. Steup/Turri/Sosa [Wiley Blackwell 2014], p.25

A Reaction

This is better. I say what needs to be known for understanding is the essence of the item under discussion (my PhD thesis!). Obviously understanding needs some knowledge, but I take it that epistemology should be understanding-first. That is the main aim.

Related Idea

Idea 19542 It is nonsense that understanding does not involve knowledge; to understand, you must know [Dougherty/Rysiew]