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[catalogued under 19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 6. Meaning as Use]

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Even if we guessed that the two words denoted the two truth-values, we should not know which stood for the value 'true' and which for the value 'false' until we knew how the sentences were in practice used.

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We could only guess the meanings of 'true' and 'false' when sentences were used


Michael Dummett (Thought and Reality [1997], 4)

Book Reference

Dummett,Michael: 'Thought and Reality (Gifford Lectures)' [OUP 2006], p.52

A Reaction

These types of problem are always based on the idea that some one item must have logical priority in the process, but there is a lot of room for benign circularity in the development of mental and linguistic functions.