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Descartes transformed the proposition 'because God is thinkable, therefore he exists' into the proposition 'I think, therefore I am'.

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Descartes transformed 'God is thinkable, so he exists' into 'I think, so I exist'


report of René Descartes (Meditations [1641], 2) by Ludwig Feuerbach - Principles of Philosophy of the Future §18

Book Reference

Feuerbach,Ludwig: 'Principles of the Philosophy of the Future', ed/tr. Vogel,M [Hackett 1986], p.31

A Reaction

This implies that Descartes' foundation is the Ontological Argument rather than the Cogito. It certainly shows how a priori synthetic thinking is basic in Descartes - that views of existence derive from pure thought. Was Descartes an idealist?