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[catalogued under 9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 3. Individual Essences]

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If we distinguish 'constitutive' from 'consequential' essence, ..then the essence of Socrates will, in part, be constituted by his being a man. But being a man (or a mountain) will merely be consequential upon, and not constitutive of, his essence.

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Being a man is a consequence of his essence, not constitutive of it


Kit Fine (Senses of Essence [1995], 3)

Book Reference

'Modality, Morality and Belief', ed/tr. Sinnott-Armstrong/Raffman/Asher [CUP 1995], p.57

A Reaction

Yes yes yes. I think it is absurd to say that the class to which something belongs is part of its essential nature, given that it presumably can only belong to the class if it already has a certain essential nature. What did Frankenstein construct?