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[catalogued under 8. Modes of Existence / A. Relations / 1. Nature of Relations]

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A 'biased' relation can be taken to be the result of imposing ordering on the argument-places of an unbiased relation, ..or we can take an unbiased relation to be a 'permutation class' of biased relations. This is a familiar metaphysic predicament.


'Biased' here means having an order

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Explain biased relations as orderings of the unbiased, or the unbiased as permutation classes of the biased?


Kit Fine (Neutral Relations [2000], 3)

Book Reference

-: 'Philosophical Review' [-], p.14

A Reaction

'Biased' relations such as 'on top of' have an ordering to their places, but 'unbiased' relations such as 'vertical placement' do not. This is a nice question in the metaphysics of grounding relations between key concepts.