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[catalogued under 6. Mathematics / C. Sources of Mathematics / 6. Logicism / c. Neo-logicism]

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My Proceduralism offers axiom-free foundations for mathematics. Axioms give way to the stipulation of procedures. We obtain a form of logicism, but with a procedural twist, and with a logic which is ontologically neutral, and no assumption of objects.

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Proceduralism offers a version of logicism with no axioms, or objects, or ontological commitment


Kit Fine (Our Knowledge of Mathematical Objects [2005], 1)

Book Reference

'Oxford Studies in Epistemology Vol. 1', ed/tr. Gendler,R/Hawthorne,J [OUP 2004], p.95

A Reaction

[See Ideas 9222 and 9223 for his Proceduralism] Sounds like philosophical heaven. We get to take charge of mathematics, without the embarrassment of declaring ourselves to be platonists. Someone, not me, should evaluate this.

Related Ideas

Idea 9223 My Proceduralism has one simple rule, and four complex rules [Fine,K]

Idea 9222 The objects and truths of mathematics are imperative procedures for their construction [Fine,K]