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We often need to use a sign with which we associate a very complex sense. Such a sign seems a receptacle for the sense, so that we can carry it with us, while being always aware that we can open this receptacle should we need what it contains.

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We use signs to mark receptacles for complex senses


Gottlob Frege (Logic in Mathematics [1914], p.209)

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Frege,Gottlob: 'Posthumous Writings', ed/tr. Hermes/Long/White etc [Blackwell 1979], p.209

A Reaction

This exactly the concept of a mental file, which I enthusiastically endorse. Frege even talks of 'opening the receptacle'. For Frege a definition (which he has been discussing) is the assigment of a label (the 'definiendum') to the file (the 'definiens'.

Related Idea

Idea 16876 We need definitions to cram retrievable sense into a signed receptacle [Frege]