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If the sense of a name was subjective, then the proposition and the thought would be subjective; the thought one man connects with this proposition would be different from that of another man. One man could not then contradict another.

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Senses can't be subjective, because propositions would be private, and disagreement impossible


Gottlob Frege (Letters to Jourdain [1910], p.44)

Book Reference

'Meaning and Reference', ed/tr. Moore,A.W. [OUP 1993], p.44

A Reaction

This is an implicit argument for the identity of 'proposition' and 'thought'. This argument resembles Plato's argument for universals (Idea 223). See also Kant on existence as a predicate (Idea 4475). But people do misunderstand one another.

Related Ideas

Idea 223 If you deny that each thing always stays the same, you destroy the possibility of discussion [Plato]

Idea 4475 Saying a thing 'is' adds nothing to it - otherwise if my concept exists, it isn't the same as my concept [Kant]