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[catalogued under 4. Formal Logic / B. Propositional Logic PL / 3. Truth Tables]

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In the classical or realist view of logic the meaning of abstract symbols for logical connectives is given by the truth-tables for the symbol.

Gist of Idea

In classical/realist logic the connectives are defined by truth-tables


Michèle Friend (Introducing the Philosophy of Mathematics [2007])

Book Reference

Friend,Michèle: 'Introducing the Philosophy of Mathematics' [Acumen 2007], p.128

A Reaction

Presumably this is realist because it connects them to 'truth', but only if that involves a fairly 'realist' view of truth. You could, of course, translate 'true' and 'false' in the table to empty (formalist) symbols such a 0 and 1. Logic is electronics.