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[catalogued under 24. Applied Ethics / A. Decision Conflicts / 4. Autonomy]

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Respect for autonomy seems to give priority to decisions based on your present outlook, even if your future outlook will be quite different, and it gives no support for any sort of paternalism, or for considering the interests of potential people.

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Autonomy favours present opinions over future ones, and says nothing about the interests of potential people


Jonathan Glover (Causing Death and Saving Lives [1977], 5.3)

Book Reference

Glover,Jonathan: 'Causing Death and Saving Lives' [Penguin 1982], p.78

A Reaction

The first point does give a plausible justification for paternalism. Potential people are not a problem if respect for autonomy is not the only valuable thing. We presumably desire that future humans will be autonomous.