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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / b. Valuing life]

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It is not wrong to kill because of the intrinsic value of life or consciousness, or because people have a right to life, but because we shouldn't reduce worthwhile life, or thwart someone's desire to live, or inflict fear or pain.

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What matters is not intrinsic value of life or rights, but worthwhile and desired life, and avoidance of pain


Jonathan Glover (Causing Death and Saving Lives [1977], 8.1)

Book Reference

Glover,Jonathan: 'Causing Death and Saving Lives' [Penguin 1982], p.113

A Reaction

This is a utilitarian view. It is not clear how we decide 'worthwhile' without a notion of intrinsic value. It is unclear why this desire is respected if many other desires are not.