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The role of the State is always that of creating new and higher types of civilisation; of adapting the 'civilisation' and the morality of the broades popular masses to the necessities of the continuous development of the economic apparatus of production.

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The state should produce higher civilisations for all, in tune with the economic apparatus


Antonio Gramsci (Selections from Prison Notebooks [1971], 2 'Collective')

Book Reference

Gramsci,Antonio: 'Selections from Prison Notebooks', ed/tr. Hoare,Q./Nowell Smith,G [Lawrence and Wishart 1978], p.242

A Reaction

This makes education virtually the prime role of the state. Reminiscent of Sir John Reith's original dream, in the 1930s, for the BBC. Many marxists feel that the economy is in direct conflict with morality and civilisation.