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The result of joining Hume's Principle to second-order logic is a consistent system which is a foundation for arithmetic, in the sense that all the fundamental laws of arithmetic are derivable within it as theorems. This seems a vindication of logicism.


Hume's Principle involves one-to-one correlation

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Neo-logicism founds arithmetic on Hume's Principle along with second-order logic


B Hale / C Wright (Logicism in the 21st Century [2007], 1)

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'Oxf Handbk of Philosophy of Maths and Logic', ed/tr. Shapiro,Stewart [OUP 2007], p.169

A Reaction

The controversial part seems to be second-order logic, which Quine (for example) vigorously challenged. The contention against most attempts to improve Frege's logicism is that they thereby cease to be properly logical.