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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 9. Counterfactual Claims]

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In drawing 'countefactual' conclusions we can be thought imaginatively to vary the conditions under which the substance, set-up etc. is manipulated or stimulated, while maintaining constant our conception of the nature of the being in question.

Gist of Idea

In counterfactuals we keep substances constant, and imagine new situations for them


Rom Harr (Laws of Nature [1993], 2)

Book Reference

Harr,Rom: 'Laws of Nature' [Duckworth 1993], p.46

A Reaction

Presumably you could vary the substance and keep the situation fixed, but then the counterfactual seems to be 'about' something different. Either that or the 'situation' is a actually a set of substances to be tested.