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[catalogued under 9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 5. Temporal Parts]

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To account for change, stages and temporal parts must be as fine-grained as change: a material thing must have as many stages or parts as it is in incompatible states during its lifetime.

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Stages must be as fine-grained in length as change itself, so any change is a new stage


Katherine Hawley (How Things Persist [2001], 2.4)

Book Reference

Hawley,Katherine: 'How Things Persist' [OUP 2004], p.48

A Reaction

There seems to be a dilemma for stages here, of being so fat that they are divisible and change, or so thin that they barely exist. Lose-lose, I'd say.

Related Idea

Idea 16205 The stages of Stage Theory seem too thin to populate the world, or to be referred to [Hawley]