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Quantification over members of one particular world is a measure of ideology, quantification that crosses possible worlds is often a measure of ideology.

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Commitment to possible worlds is part of our ideology, not part of our ontology


Jaakko Hintikka (Semantics for Propositional Attitudes [1969], p.95), quoted by William Lycan - The Trouble with Possible Worlds 02

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'The Possible and the Actual', ed/tr. Loux,Michael J. [Cornell 1979], p.280

A Reaction

I like this. See Idea 15785 for the underlying distinction. It leaves the question open of what we might mean by 'ideological commitment'.

Related Idea

Idea 15785 Our commitments are to an 'ontology', but also to an 'ideology', or conceptual system [Hintikka]