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[catalogued under 20. Action / B. Preliminaries of Action / 2. Willed Action / d. Weakness of will]

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There seem to be cases of 'inverse akrasia', in which the course of action actually followed is superior to the course of action recommended by the agent's best judgement.

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There may be inverse akrasia, where the agent's action is better than their judgement recommends


Rosalind Hursthouse (On Virtue Ethics [1999], Ch.7)

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Hursthouse,Rosalind: 'On Virtue Ethics' [OUP 2001], p.150

A Reaction

This must occur, as when an assassin lets his victim off, and then regrets the deed. It strengthens the case against Socrates, and in favour of their being two parts of the soul which compete to motivate our actions.