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[catalogued under 7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 3. Being / a. Nature of Being]

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We grasp the concept of being only when we have satisfactorily answered the question why there is something rather than nothing and why there is only one logically contingent actual world.

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To grasp being, we must say why something exists, and why there is one world


Dale Jacquette (Ontology [2002], Conclusion)

Book Reference

Jacquette,Dale: 'Ontology' [Acumen 2002], p.280

A Reaction

See Ideas 7688 and 7692 for a glimpse of Jacquette's answer. Personally I don't yet have a full grasp of the concept of being, but I'm sure I'll get there if I only work a bit harder.

Related Ideas

Idea 7688 The actual world is a maximally consistent combination of actual states of affairs [Jacquette]

Idea 7692 Being is maximal consistency [Jacquette]