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[catalogued under 9. Objects / B. Unity of Objects / 3. Unity Problems / c. Statue and clay]

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If a sculptor says 'I love the statue but I really hate that piece of clay - it is way too hard to work with' ...the statement is partly is partly about that object qua statue and partly about that object qua piece of clay.


'qua' means 'understood as'

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If the statue is loved and the clay hated, that is about the object first qua statue, then qua clay


Michael Jubien (Possibility [2009], 1.4)

Book Reference

Jubien,Michael: 'Possibility' [OUP 2009], p.19

A Reaction

His point is that identity is partly determined by the concept or category under which the thing falls. Plausible. Lots of identity muddles seem to come from our conceptual scheme not being quite up to the job when things change.