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[catalogued under 15. Nature of Minds / A. Nature of Mind / 3. Mental Causation]

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The following all require a belief in mental causation: agency (mind causes events), knowledge (perception causes beliefs), reasoning (one belief causes another), memory (events cause ideas), psychology (science of mental causes).

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Agency, knowledge, reason, memory, psychology all need mental causes


report of Jaegwon Kim (Mind in a Physical World [1998], 2 p.031) by PG - Db (ideas)

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Kim,Jaegwon: 'Mind in the Physical World' [MIT 2000], p.31

A Reaction

A very good list, which I cannot fault, and to which I cannot add. The question is: is there any mental activity left over which does NOT require causation? Candidates are free will, and the contingent character of qualia. I say the answer is, no.