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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / C. Causation / 9. General Causation / c. Counterfactual causation]

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The sort of dependency expressed by counterfactual relations is considerably broader than strictly causal dependency, and causal dependency is only one among the heterogeneous group of dependency relationships counterfactuals can express.

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Causation is not the only dependency relation expressed by counterfactuals


Jaegwon Kim (Causes and Counterfactuals [1973], p.205)

Book Reference

'Causation', ed/tr. Sosa,E. /Tooley,M. [OUP 1993], p.205

A Reaction

In 'If pigs could fly, one and one still wouldn't make three' there isn't even a dependency. Kim has opened up lines of criticism which make the counterfactual analysis of causation look very implausible to me.