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Every man, that hath an possession, or enjoyment, of any part of the dominions of any government, doth thereby give his tacit consent, and is obliged to obedience to the laws, ..whether it be barely travelling on the highway.


'Tacit' means unspoken

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If anyone enjoys the benefits of government (even using a road) they give tacit assent to its laws


John Locke (Second Treatise of Government [1690], 119), quoted by Gordon Graham - Eight Theories of Ethics Ch.8

Book Reference

Graham,Gordon: 'Eight Theories of Ethics' [Routledge 2004], p.166

A Reaction

Locke's famous assertion of an unspoken and inescapable contract, to which we are all subject. Hume gave an effective reply (Idea 6703). Locke has a point though. The more you accept, the more obliged you are. I accept the law more as I get older.

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