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The vulgar notion, propagated by some modern physicalist philosophers, that Cartesian souls are supposed to be made of some sort of ghostly, 'immaterial' stuff - a near contradiction in terms - is quite unwarranted.

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The idea that Cartesian souls are made of some ghostly 'immaterial' stuff is quite unwarranted


E.J. Lowe (The Possibility of Metaphysics [1998], 9.5)

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Lowe,E.J.: 'The Possibility of Metaphysics' [OUP 2001], p.200

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A nice illustration of the service which can be offered by this database. See Idea 3423 for an illustration of the sort of thing which Lowe is attacking. See Idea 5011 for a quotation from Descartes on the subject. I leave the decision with my visitor...

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