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It is hard to see why the folk way of carving up the material world should - barring further argument - be elevated to a loftier status than the unrestricted compositionist way.


The 'unrestricted compositionist way' is to see any composite objects you wish, however bizarre

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The 'folk' way of carving up the world is not intrinsically better than quite arbitrary ways


Trenton Merricks (Objects and Persons [2003], 3.III)

Book Reference

Merricks,Trenton: 'Objects and Persons' [OUP 2003], p.75

A Reaction

There are some right ways to carve up the world, though there is also the capacity to be quite arbitrary, if it is useful, or even amusing. Thus Cyprus is an island (fact), Britons are a nation (useful), and Arsenal fans are sad (amusing).