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[catalogued under 19. Language / C. Assigning Meanings / 6. Truth-Conditions Semantics]

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On a deflationary concept of truth, for a sentence to possess truth-conditions it is sufficient that it be disciplined by norms of correct usage, and that it possess the syntax distinctive of declarative sentences.

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If truth is deflationary, sentence truth-conditions just need good declarative syntax


Alexander Miller (Philosophy of Language [1998], 5.3)

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Miller,Alexander: 'Philosophy of Language' [UCL Press 1998], p.166

A Reaction

Idea 6337 gives the basic deflationary claim. He mentions Boghossian as source of this point. So much the worse for the deflationary concept of truth, say I. What are the truth-conditions of "Truth rotates"?

Related Idea

Idea 6337 The deflationary picture says believing a theory true is a trivial step after believing the theory [Horwich]