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We can distinguish Identifying Reductionism (as in 'persons are bodies'), or Constitutive Reductionism (as in 'persons are distinct, but consist of thoughts etc.'), or Eliminative Reductionism (as in 'there are no persons, only thoughts etc.').

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Reduction can be by identity, or constitution, or elimination


report of Derek Parfit (The Unimportance of Identity [1995], p.295) by PG - Db (ideas)

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'Personal Identity', ed/tr. Martin,R /Barresi,J [Blackwells 2003], p.295

A Reaction

Constitutive Reductionism seems the most common one, as in 'chemistry just consists of lots of complicated physics'. He doesn't mention bridge laws, which are presumably only required in more complicated cases of constitutive reduction.