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Two related worries about Peirce's account of truth are (from Royce) what are we to make of truth if enquiry never reaches an end, and (from Russell) what are we to make of truth if enquiry ends prematurely?

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If truth is the end of enquiry, what if it never ends, or ends prematurely?


comment on Charles Sanders Peirce (works [1892]) by Albert Atkin - Peirce 3 'issues'

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Atkin,Albert: 'Peirce' [Routledge 2016], p.116

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The defence of Peirce must be that the theory is not holistic - referring to the whole Truth about absolutely everything. The discovery of the periodic table seems to me to support Peirce. In many areas basic enquiry has reached an end.

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Idea 7661 Truth is the opinion fated to be ultimately agreed by all investigators [Peirce]