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Plato considers a 'container' model for wholes (which are disjoint from their parts) [Parm 144e3-], and a 'nihilist' model, in which only wholes are mereological atoms, and a 'bare pluralities' view, in which wholes are not really one at all.

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Plato says wholes are either containers, or they're atomic, or they don't exist


report of Plato (works [c.375 BCE]) by Kathrin Koslicki - The Structure of Objects 5.2

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Koslicki,Kathrin: 'The Structure of Objects' [OUP 2008], p.96

A Reaction

[She cites Verity Harte for this analysis of Plato] The fourth, and best, seems to be that wholes are parts which fall under some unifying force or structure or principle.