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A natural principle is the same kind of paradox will have the same kind of solution. Standardly Ramsey's first group are solved by denying the existence of some totality, and the second group are less clear. But denial of the groups sink both.

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Typically, paradoxes are dealt with by dividing them into two groups, but the division is wrong


Graham Priest (The Structure of Paradoxes of Self-Reference [1994], 5)

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-: 'Mind' [-], p.32

A Reaction

[compressed] This sums up the argument of Priest's paper, which is that it is Ramsey's division into two kinds (see Idea 13334) which is preventing us from getting to grips with the paradoxes. Priest, notoriously, just lives with them.

Related Idea

Idea 13334 Contradictions are either purely logical or mathematical, or they involved thought and language [Ramsey]