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[catalogued under 13. Knowledge Criteria / C. External Justification / 5. Controlling Beliefs]

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Ordinarily we make no intentional choices about what to believe, but one can choose to believe something, and then seek ways to get oneself to believe it.

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Beliefs are not chosen, but you can seek ways to influence your belief


James Pryor (There is immediate Justification [2005], 7)

Book Reference

'Contemporary Debates in Epistemology', ed/tr. Steup,M/Sosa,E [Blackwell 2005], p.196

A Reaction

Deliberately reading the articles of a philosopher that you seem to agree with would be an example. Presumably the belief that this is a good belief and should be given support is not itself voluntarily chosen. Ultimately we are helpless. See Idea 1854.

Related Idea

Idea 1854 We must admit that when the will is not willing something, the first movement to will must come from outside the will [Aquinas]