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[catalogued under 9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 1. Physical Objects]

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The parts of a lamp stay together when it is moved (which is one of Aristotle's criteria for objecthood).

Gist of Idea

Aristotle says an object (e.g. a lamp) has identity if its parts stay together when it is moved


Hilary Putnam (Representation and Reality [1988], 7 p.110)

Book Reference

Putnam,Hilary: 'Representation and Reality' [MIT 1992], p.110

A Reaction

Metaphysics 1052a26 (just after the cross-reference) says a thing may be unified 'if its movement is single'.

Related Idea

Idea 16508 Things are more unified if the unity comes from their own nature, not from external force [Aristotle]