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A correspondence theory of truth is needed to understand how language works, and how science works.

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We need the correspondence theory of truth to understand language and science


Hilary Putnam (Meaning and the Moral Sciences [1978], Intro)

Book Reference

Putnam,Hilary: 'Meaning and the Moral Sciences' [RKP 1981], p.4

A Reaction

Putnam retreated from this position to a more pragmatic one later on, but all my sympathies are with the present view, despite being repeatedly told by modern philosophers that I am wrong. See McGinn (Idea 6085) and Searle (Idea 3508).

Related Ideas

Idea 6085 The idea of truth is built into the idea of correspondence [McGinn]

Idea 3508 Correspondence to the facts HAS to be the aim of enquiry [Searle]