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Realism is an empirical theory; it explains the convergence of scientific theories, where earlier theories are often limiting cases of later theories (which is why theoretical terms preserve their reference); and it explains the success of language.

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Realism is a theory, which explains the convergence of science and the success of language


Hilary Putnam (Meaning and the Moral Sciences [1978], Pt Four)

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Putnam,Hilary: 'Meaning and the Moral Sciences' [RKP 1981], p.122

A Reaction

I agree. Personally, I think of Plato's Theory of Forms and all religions as empirical theories. The response from anti-realists is generally to undermine confidence in the evidence which these 'empirical theories' are said to explain.

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Idea 6782 Realism is the only philosophy of science that doesn't make the success of science a miracle [Putnam]