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[catalogued under 16. Persons / F. Free Will / 5. Against Free Will]

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Each volition can neither exist nor be determined to produce an effect unless it is determined by another cause, and this cause again by another, and so on, to infinity.

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An act of will can only occur if it has been caused, which implies a regress of causes


Baruch de Spinoza (The Ethics [1675], I Pr 32), quoted by Stephan Schmid - Faculties in Early Modern Philosophy 3

Book Reference

'The Faculties: a history', ed/tr. Perler,Dominic [OUP 2015], p.168

A Reaction

Acts of will are usually responses to situations, so it seems a bit simplistic to think that they are all spontaneous sui generis causal events. That argument won't work, of course, for a random volition that is out of context.