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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / B. The Good / 2. Happiness / d. Routes to happiness]

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In life it is before all things useful to perfect the understanding, or reason, as far as we can, and in this alone man's highest happiness or blessedness consists.

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Man's highest happiness consists of perfecting his understanding, or reason


Baruch de Spinoza (The Ethics [1675], IVApp 04)

Book Reference

Spinoza,Benedict de: 'Ethics, Improvement of Understanding, Letters', ed/tr. Elwes,R [Dover 1955], p.237

A Reaction

I fear that only a highly intelligent person like Spinoza would suggest this. The genius of Jesus is to say that if you don't have a powerful intellect you can still be happy by having a pure and loving heart. The Spinoza route is better, if possible.