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[catalogued under 20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 3. Acting on Reason / c. Reasons as causes]

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Beliefs, desires and intentions are states of mind rather than events, but events are the only things that figure in causal relations.

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Beliefs, desires and intentions are not events, so can't figure in causal relations


Rowland Stout (Action [2005], 5 'Do beliefs')

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Stout,Rowland: 'Action' [Acumen 2005], p.76

A Reaction

This is exactly why we have the concept of 'the will' - because it is a mental state to which we attribute active causal powers. We then have to explain how this 'will' is related to the other mental states (which presume motivate or drive it?).

Related Idea

Idea 3445 Causation among objects relates either events or states [Chisholm]