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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / F. Referring in Logic / 1. Naming / b. Names as descriptive]

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According to Wittgenstein (and Searle) the referent of a name is determined not by a single description but by some cluster or family.

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A name is not determined by a description, but by a cluster or family


report of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Philosophical Investigations [1952], 079) by Saul A. Kripke - Naming and Necessity lectures Lecture 1

Book Reference

Kripke,Saul: 'Naming and Necessity' [Blackwell 1980], p.31

A Reaction

It is because of this characteristically woolly, indeterminate and relativist view of Wittgenstein that I (and most people) find Kripke's notion of a 'baptism' so refreshing. It cuts throught the fog of language, and connects to reality.