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Russell took a Platonist view of logic, but reading the 'Tractatus' convinced him that logic was purely linguistic, so-called 'logical truths' being nothing more than tautologies.


The 'Tractatus' is by Wittgenstein

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Wittgenstein convinced Russell that logic is tautologies, not Platonic forms


report of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus [1921]) by Ray Monk - Bertrand Russell: Spirit of Solitude Ch.1

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Monk,Ray: 'Bertrand Russell: Spirit of Solitude' [Vintage 1997], p.6

A Reaction

If p-and-q and p-or-q are both tautologies, how do you explain the difference between them? The first is an indicative proposition about the actual world, but the second is modal. They are asserting very different things.