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My position, according to which thisnesses and transworld identities are primitive but logically connected to suchnesses, we may call 'Moderate Haecceitism'.

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Moderate Haecceitism says transworld identities are primitive, but connected to qualities


Robert Merrihew Adams (Primitive Thisness and Primitive Identity [1979], 6)

Book Reference

'Metaphysics - An Anthology', ed/tr. Sosa,E. /Kim,J. [Blackwell 1999], p.182

A Reaction

The rather tentative connection to qualities is to block the possibility of Aristotle being a poached egg, which he (quite reasonably!) holds to be counterintuitive. It all feels like a mess to me.

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Idea 14511 There are cases where mere qualities would not ensure an intrinsic identity [Adams,RM]

Idea 14508 A 'thisness' is a thing's property of being identical with itself (not the possession of self-identity) [Adams,RM]

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